Amwaj Al Hamra

holiday villas in ras al khaimah


هنالك العديد من الأنواع المتوفرة لنصوص لوريم إيبسوم، ولكن الغالبية تم تعديلها بشكل ما عبر إدخال بعض النوادر أو الكلمات العشوائية إلى النص. إن كنت تريد أن تستخدم نص لوريم إيبسوم ما، عليك أن تتحقق أولاً أن ليس هناك أي كلمات أو عبارات محرجة أو غير

The foundation for a memorable holiday

AMWAJ by Al Hamra is a selection of thoughtfully designed and furnished villas and apartments in the most scenic neighborhoods of Ras Al Khaimah, including Al Hamra Village and Bab Al Bahr. These are the spaces that feel like home, which we believe, is the foundation of any memorable holiday.

These spaces give you complete access to white sandy beaches of the Persian Gulf, lush green gardens, temperature-controlled swimming pools, the most scenic and eco-friendly golf course in the UAE and fine-dine restaurants.

Stay in curated homes

AMWAJ by Al Hamra are fully serviced villas and apartments with anything and everything that a hotel accommodation offers. What set AMWAJ apart is that you enjoy complete privacy of a home and flexibility to live the way you want.

Make AMWAJ your HOME

We have selected AMWAJ villas and apartments exactly the way you’d select a HOME for your family. A place that feels like home. A place that you’d consider staying forever, that offers the best of nature and facilities.

And, guess what? It’s possible.

Once you stay at AMWAJ by Al Hamra and if you like it, you can buy it and live here forever.

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