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House Rules

Section 1


1.1 It is the desire of AL HAMRA REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT LLC (The Management) to provide residents (including their guest/visitors) with a comfortable, safe, secure and enjoyable experience during their stay at Al Hamra Village.

1.2 The purpose of the House Rules is to protect the peaceful enjoyment that each resident is entitled to. Accordingly, the Management requires that the following rules be observed.

Section 2


2.1 Under this House Rules, the following words are defined as:
“Resident” it also includes the tenant and owner of the unit as referred in Section 3.4 hereof.
“Unit” refers to the property of the Resident or the property leased by the tenant referred to in Section 3.4 hereof
“Premises” refers to Al Hamra Village.

2.2 The Resident acknowledges that the Management may from time to time adopt amendments, modifications or supplements to the House Rules and the same shall be binding immediately upon notice.

Section 3


3.1 These House Rules shall apply to and be binding upon the Resident including:
a) His/her family, house helpers and drivers;
b) Occupant of the Unit by virtue of an agreement with him/her;
c) Person(s) authorized by him/her to occupy the Unit; and
d) His/her guest(s) and invitees.

3.2 It is the obligation of the Resident to properly inform the other persons mentioned in Section 3.1 hereof of the House Rules and shall endeavor to secure full observance of the same.

3.3 It is understood that acts and/or omissions of the persons (other than the Resident) enumerated in Section 3.1 hereof will be the responsibility of the Resident. Any violation by those persons of this House Rules is tantamount to Resident’s non-compliance.

3.4 These House Rules shall likewise apply to tenant(s) of the unit(s) by virtue of the Tenancy Agreement entered into with the Management. In this case, said tenant(s) is considered as resident under Section 3.1 hereof, and be subjected to the provisions of this House Rules.

Section 4


4.1 To make sure that the House Rules are fully and properly implemented, the Management hereby assigned and tasked its Property Management Department to monitor compliance of the same.

4.2 All complaints and grievances shall be directed to the Property Management Department. Complaint forms and suggestion forms are available at the Property Management Department which is located at Ground Floor Al Hamra Building, Al Jazeera, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates.

4.3 The Property Management Department telephone number is 07 2434477 and fax number is 07 2434466. The office working hours are Saturday to Thursday 8:00 am to 5:00pm.

Section 5


5.1 The Residents shall not engage in or permit any activity that endangers the Premises, other resident or the public in general and not in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations. The Resident shall pay to the Management any costs associated with any losses, damages, injury or accident caused.

5.2 The Resident shall maintain his/her Unit in a peaceful and reasonably quiet manner and refrain from any noisy, boisterous, or loud acts that would disturb the peace and tranquility of the Premises, or permit any actions that will interfere with the rights, comforts or conveniences of the other residents and public in general.

5.3 The Resident shall refrain from playing musical instruments, television sets, stereos, radios, computers, and other mechanical, electronic or entertainment equipment at a volume likely to disturb his/her neighbors.

5.4 Drinking alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited anywhere except inside the residence Unit.

5.5 The Resident shall not permit any unlawful and immoral acts to be committed in the Unit or within the Premises.

5.6 The Unit cannot be used as boarding or lodging house or for any business/commercial activity carried on for profit or not without the written consent of the Management.

5.7 No barbeques are allowed on a balcony or at public areas due to the potential fire hazard, smoke and smell.

5.8 A responsible adult must supervise all children on the Premises at all times. The parking lots, walkways and public areas are not play areas and as such children shall not be allowed to play in these areas. Parents or guardians shall make sure that toys or other objects are not left in public areas or walkways and do not otherwise create a safety hazard.

5.9 Littering on the golf grounds, gardens and parking areas is strictly prohibited. This includes putting out cigarettes on the sidewalks and in driveways or dumping ashtrays.

5.10 Misuse, vandalism and/or destruction of plants, gardening equipments, swimming pool equipments or property of the Premises, neighboring properties, or public property are prohibited. The Management has a zero-tolerance policy for any vandalism or malicious damage done to the Premises. The Resident, his/her guests, and/or other person who engaged in the above will be prosecuted. In addition, the Resident shall pay to the Management any costs associated with repairing the damage.

5.11 It is understood by the Resident that destroying, tampering, or re-setting of fire alarm, utility equipment and meters in the Premises (the buildings therein) constitutes as a wrongdoing. In the event the Resident committed or allowed others to commit any of the acts mentioned in this Section, the Management shall report the same to the competent authority/police for possible legal actions, including criminal prosecution if circumstances so warrant.

5.12 The Resident shall not alter, disturb, or interfere in any way with the grounds or landscaping. The Resident will have access to Golf Course as per Club rules and regulations. Golf course is for exclusive use of golf club members and paying clients. Use of golf course walkways and ground is strictly prohibited.

5.13 Garage sale or other advertised events that attract the general public should not be undertaken without written permission from the Management.

5.14 The Resident shall not use offensive or abusive language against other occupiers, the security, the Management or any employee or agent of the Management.

5.15 The Resident shall ensure that garden trees are trimmed on a regular basis and should not be allowed to grow higher than the first floor balcony rail (with the exception of palm trees) or overgrown into the neighbouring property or the common areas.

5.16 The Resident shall not plant any Conocarpus trees (also known as Damas trees).

5.17 The Residents shall not engage in or permit any activities involving the distribution of brochures, flyers or signs within the Premises and master community without the Management’s and/or Master Developer’s approval.

Section 6


6.1 The Resident shall keep the Unit, as well as areas surrounding his/her Unit and the Premises as a whole, clean, sanitary and free from objectionable odours. The Resident shall ensure that trash or other materials are not stored or permitted to accumulate so as to be unsightly, cause a nuisance or hazard, or be in violation of any health, fire, or safety regulations. The Resident shall be responsible, at Resident’s sole expense, for hauling to the dump those items too large to fit in the trash containers.

6.2 The Resident shall ensure that papers, cigarette butts and trash are placed in appropriate receptacles so that litter is not created on or about Premises or in the common areas. The Resident shall ensure that large cardboard/packing boxes are not stored in patios or common areas, and should be broken apart before being placed in the trash containers, as appropriate.

6.3 Burning of waste materials, rubbish or garbage is not allowed in any areas in the Premises.

6.4 The Resident shall not feed, nor leave food or seeds out for birds, or domestic animals, either in the Premises or in the common areas. Leaving any materials in any manner that will attract such animals onto the property is prohibited.

6.5 The Residents shall refrain from storing or disposing of any combustible or hazardous materials in or about the Unit, Premises, trash containers, and sewer or drain lines.
6.6 Laundry and clothes hangers are not allowed in balconies. Only patio furniture and flowers and plants may be placed in balconies.

Section 7


7.1 No structural alterations on the Premises or any cosmetic alterations that compromise the basic design of the Premises are permitted.

7.2 The Resident shall not install an air conditioner (window-mounted unit) as it is strictly forbidden.

7.3 The Resident shall not install any antennas, including satellite dishes or mini-satellite dishes, upon either the interior or exterior of the Unit (including its windows and balconies), in the Premises or common areas. For avoidance of doubt, the prohibition contain in this Section 7.3 is not applicable to a villa type Unit.

7.4 No electrical device creating electrical overloading of standard circuits may be used without the permission from the Authorities and the Management.

7.5 In keeping with our building standards and municipality standards, the hanging of laundry on balconies or creating a clothesline on balconies is strictly forbidden. Low-level racks are acceptable which are not visible from outside.

7.6 The Resident shall not post any sign, notice, poster, advertisement boards or any other advertising medium on any part of the exterior of the Unit, garage, garden, in the interior of the Unit which is visible to the public, or in the common areas without the written permission of the Management.

Section 8


8.1 Structural changes or modifications to internal or external part of the Unit are prohibited without the written approval of the Management.

8.2 No external alteration on the Unit (including alteration of its exterior painting) is permitted without Management’s written approval.

8.3 To obtain the said approval, the Resident shall submit a written request to the Management stating the areas of the Unit wherein modification/alteration will be made and attaching the drawings (being structural, architectural and MEP) as well as the specifications for the proposed modification/alteration. For this purpose, request form is available at Property Management Department which is located at the address mentioned in Article 4.2 hereof.

8.4 The Resident shall make a deposit of AED 5,000/- to the Management upon approval of the request for modification/alteration. This amount shall answer for any loss or damage directly or indirectly caused by the works performed or by the workers, or contractor engaged to perform the works. The said deposit shall be refunded to the Resident upon completion of the approved modification/alteration, subject to the notice requirement under Article 8.15 hereof.

8.5 The Management shall act upon on the said request within reasonable time informing the concerned Resident if his/her request is granted or denied.

8.6 No modification/alteration shall commence pending the approval of the request. Once approved, a copy of the approval shall be posted in the front window of the Unit throughout the duration of the relevant construction. It is understood that such approval however, shall not relieve the Resident of any responsibility or liability for any damage or injury to person or property caused by such works nor shall approval be construed to impose any responsibility or liability upon the Management.

8.7 In the event the request is approved, the modification/alteration works must be completed within six (6) months from approval date. In case the modification/alteration works is not completed within the said period, another request form should be submitted to the Management.

8.8 The modification/alteration works to be done in the Unit must not cause damage to and exceeded the electrical capacity of the Resident’s Unit who undertake such modification/alteration. All construction materials must be stored within the Unit’s available space and no construction waste is to be left in the Premises and must be removed and disposed of by the Resident at his/her own expense and at the municipality designated location.

8.9 Any additional MEP work required by the Resident must be approved by the Management and in accordance with the rules and regulations of the relevant authorities. The Resident hereby agrees to repair common power line and water line damage during modification/alteration works. The Resident shall be responsible to correct any problems resulting from the proposed alteration/modification to the Unit that causes any adverse effect to the common areas or neighboring units/properties. The Resident shall hold free and harmless the Management its representative and employees for any claims for property damage or personal injury as a result of the said modification/alteration.

8.10 The modification/alteration works shall be allowed from Saturday to Thursday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. Workers are not allowed to remain within the Unit or the Premises beyond the working hours except prior approval from the Management is obtained or during emergency works. Workers shall not loiter within the Premises during lunch or break times.

8.11 The Resident intending to make modification/alteration of his/her Unit must comply all applicable laws and regulations (including these House Rules and any other guidelines issued and amended from time to time by the Management) and shall obtain all the necessary permits (including access permits for machinery and equipment) at his/her own expense. It is understood that any additional cost incurred towards registration of the modification/alteration with Land Department or other government agencies (if registration is required) will be paid by the Resident.

8.12 All maintenance and upkeep to the said modification/alteration will be performed at the expense of the Resident. In case maintenance costs are incurred by the Management as a result of the modification/alteration, the same will be reimbursed by the Resident.

8.13 It is the responsibility of the Resident to obtain applicable insurance for the modification/alteration, and once obtained, provide the Management a copy of insurance policy.

8.14 Notwithstanding of the said approval, the Resident acknowledges and agrees that in the event that he/she cannot maintain the modification/alteration to protect the Premise’s aesthetics or outward appearance, the Management shall have the right to maintain or remove the same at Resident’s expense.

8.15 Area under modification/alteration must be cordoned off during construction. The Resident is obliged to inform the Management as to the completion of the modification/alteration. Notice Completion Form is available at Property Management Department which is located at the address mentioned in Article 4.2 hereof.

8.16 The Resident shall be responsible for the health and safety of its contractors/workers and others and shall not allow any of the following: (a) unsafe work at height; (b) unsafe electrical work; (c) unsafe work involving confined space; (d) unsafe work caused by personal protective equipment failure; and (e) performance of contractor’s works without the Management’s and/or Master Developer’s approval.

Section 9


9.1 Pets are allowed at the discretion of the Management. In the event it is permitted, it will be limited to aquarium fish, dogs, cats and birds (not endangered), and they must be free from any diseases.

9.2 If applicable, pets must be vaccinated at the Resident’s expense against rabies and other vaccinations as required by applicable laws and regulations.

9.3 An adequate place for keeping the pets must be secured, always on leash if allowed to walk and that the presence of the pets on the Unit is not affecting the peaceful enjoyment of the neighboring residents, otherwise keeping of such pets will be restricted.

9.4 Pets shall be allowed in common areas, or beaches on leash. But they are prohibited in the swimming pool. The Resident shall be responsible to clean up the dirt or mess created by his/her pets.

9.5 The Resident shall be responsible for any injury or death of a person or damage to property caused by his/her pets.

9.6 The Management has the discretion to prohibit retention of pets in the Unit, if it is in its own opinion dangerous or a nuisance to other residents, or said pets are kept in inhumane conditions.

Section 10


10.1 All vehicles belonging to the Resident must be registered with the Management through Property Management Department. The Management is in the process of having security stickers for vehicles of the Resident. In the event the said security stickers are available, the Resident having vehicle is required to secure the same. Said stickers can be secured from Property Management Department which is located at the address mentioned in Article 4.2 hereof. Thereafter, all vehicles must have the approved security stickers at all times. In the event the Resident sells his/her vehicles to a third person, the Resident must inform the Management and he/she will remove the said security sticker from the sold vehicle.

10.2 The Management will not accept any responsibility for any personal injury, damage, loss or theft to the vehicles/bicycles parked on the Premises, no matter what the cause.

10.3 The Resident should make sure that his/her vehicles are fully covered by insurance policy.

10.4 The vehicle parked or standing abandoned outside its designated parking bay shall be towed away, at the risk and expense of the owner of the vehicle.

10.5 No vehicle shall be driven in any manner that creates a nuisance or is considered by the security as dangerous.

10.6 No trucks, trailors, boats, quad bikes or other heavy vehicles may be parked without the prior written consent of the Management and then only in the designated areas if approved.

10.7 Any vehicle improperly parked (including parking in a disabled car park or a no parking zone), that blocking another vehicle, or blocking access, the fire hydrant or the flow of traffic will be immediately towed away at vehicle owner’s expense. The Management is under no obligation to warn the owners or drivers of improperly parked vehicles before towing.

10.8 Repairing of any vehicle or storing an inoperable vehicle shall not be permitted on the Premises. The Management has the right to require removal of such vehicle if after written notice, no action has been taken by the vehicle owner. Said removal shall be at the expense of the owner of the vehicle.

10.9 The parking areas are not play areas, and adult residents must make sure that children under their care will not use the parking areas as a play area. No cycling, skate-boarding, roller-skating, or other recreational or play activities will be permitted in parking areas.

10.10 No Boats, Jet Ski, etc will be allowed within the Premise, lagoons and/ or lakes without the consent of the Management.

10.11 No ATV (4 wheels motor bike) or mopeds are allowed circulating within the Premises unless those are properly registered with Traffic Department and displaying a valid number plate.

10.12 No Vehicles, ATV, Motorbikes, Mopeds, and Bicycles are allowed on the beaches, pathways, jogging tracks.

10.13 Maximum speed limit for driving within the Premises is 25KM/Hr.

10.14 Usage of horns within the property is prohibited except in case of emergency.

Section 11


11.1 The Resident must not store any inflammable and explosive materials outside and inside the Unit nor shall install apparatus, machinery or equipment that may expose the Unit and Premises to the risk of fire.

11.2 The Resident is required to install at his/her own expense a fire extinguisher inside the Unit, preferably near the kitchen area. The Resident shall maintain and keep his/her cooking appliances, gas tank/hose and gas regulator free from any fire causing defects. To ensure compliance, the Management has the right to conduct routine inspection on the Unit.

11.3 In case of fire or if there is imminent danger to life or property, the Management through its authorized personnel may enter the Unit without prior notice. In such a case, the Management and said authorized personnel shall not be held liable for any damages resulting from such entry.

11.4 Furniture, fixture, equipment and other properties of the Resident shall not be allowed to be brought out of the Premises without the necessary Gate Pass duly signed by the Resident. Such Gate Pass is available at the Property Management Department which is located at the address mentioned in Article 4.2 hereof.

11.5 Security is the responsibility of each Resident. The Management assumes no responsibility or liability, for Resident’s safety and security, or for injury or damage caused by criminal acts of other persons.

11.6 The Management will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any valuables or damage to any Resident’s possessions from or within the Premises whatever the cause. The Resident is responsible for the insurance of his/her personal effects for loss, damage or theft.

11.7 Use of the recreation facilities and the equipment therein, (which includes the swimming pool etc), is entirely at the risk of the Resident. The Management is not responsible for any loss or damage or theft of items or for any damage or injury or loss of life, arising out of the use facilities.

Section 12


12.1 Casual parties and gatherings inside the Unit are permitted provided it will not be beyond 12:00 midnight.

12.2 Noise level in the parties and gatherings should be within reasonable level so as not to annoy or disturb the peace and quiet of the Premises and other residents.

12.3 The Resident shall be responsible for the acts and behavior of his/her guest, visitor and/or relatives attending said party or gathering. Any damage to other residents’ properties or to the Management facilities will be for the account of the Resident.

Section 13


13.1 All beaches are public beaches. No lifeguards are on duty. Swimming is always at the risk of the Resident and tenants.

13.2 Swimming is only allowed in the designated areas and appropriate etiquette as well as attire is required at all times.

13.3 Swimming after sunset, and when the RED FLAG is up is prohibited.

13.4 Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

13.5 No parties, BBQ’s or any kind of celebrations are allowed. Likewise, no glass containers or breakable objects of any kind are permitted.

13.6 It is prohibited to swim under the influence of alcohol or illegal/regulated drugs. Improper display of affection and profanity are strictly forbidden.

13.7 No littering and bringing of pets is allowed.

13.8 Music or noise that can be heard from more than 50 feet of the source is prohibited.

13.9 The Management does not accept any responsibility for loss, theft or damage caused to any items, valuable or personal belongings. Neither the Management nor their staff is responsible or liable for any injury, accident or loss, including fatality or damage whatsoever to any person or their properties.

13.10 With good reason, the Management has the right to deny use of the beach to anyone at anytime.

Section 14


The Resident must comply with these House Rules as may be revised, modified, amended, or supplemented from time to time by the Management.

Section 15


In the event that any of the provisions of these House Rules shall be declared by the competent court or authorities as illegal, void or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of the same shall remain in full force and effect, as if there is no such illegal, void, or unenforceable provisions are incorporated.

Section 16


This House Rules shall be effective immediately.

Fines Policy

Fines are an important sanction in AHRED arsenal of tools to deter transgression. Fines are sought in formal disciplinary actions brought by the enforcement staff of AHRED. Approved list of fines shall be communicated with the residents.

AHRED has a process in place regarding the issuance of fines. AHRED inspectors shall follow the approved list of fines and mention the appropriate clause, description and amount along with other details of the event.
Procedure: –
1 – AHV Security officers / AHRED Inspectors shall observe any violations based on the approved list of fines
2 – Evidence shall be collected in form of Photographs, Video Footage, Audio Recording, document or a statement from a witness
3 – A fine notification shall be prepared including the details of violator, violation and consequences due to violation
4 – Fine Notification considered incomplete if not approved by the Head of Facilities
5 – Approved Fine Notification shall be acknowledged by the violator, in case of dispute, AHRED reserve rights to implement the penalty or refer to government agencies
6 – Amount of Fine shall be paid in AHRED office immediately or within the period of maximum 4 weeks as deemed necessary by AHRED staff
7 – In case the violator failed to pay the fine in the stipulated time, AHRED reserve rights to impose the fines through utility bills or final clearance
8 – The policy is applicable to all below but not limited to: –

  • Property owners
  • Residents
  • Tenants
  • Visitors
  • Contractors

Note: Please approach Al Hamra Real Estate Development Sales Office for a List of Fines.

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