Facility Management

Facilities Management department at Al Hamra has been providing full scope of services for nearly a decade at Al Hamra Village and Bab Al Bahr (Marjan Island) - two of the largest communities in the UAE.

Serving over 3,500 residential properties and maintaining and improving the common areas of the 77 million square foot development has been a significant contributor to the team’s experience in undertaking large scale project.

Property Services


  • Offices and full commercial buildings
  • Manufacturing and Warehouse Facilities
  • Retail outlets and shopping centers
  • Public spaces and facilities
  • Schools
  • Hospitals


  • Hotels
  • Restaurants and Bars


  • Residential Communities
  • Single family homes
  • Apartment buildings

We offer services through skilled team of experts in Residential, Retail, Commercial, Hospitality and Retail buildings and complexes via a dedicated team.

  • Rapid Response Team: to attend emergencies. They are available all the time at a short notice.
  • Planned Maintenance Team: to attend to scheduled preventative maintenance to help avoid breakdowns and enhance the life of installed systems.
  • Corrective Team: to attend and correct issues that have been identified by the Planned Maintenance Team.
  • Small Works: to provide Project Management services for small and special projects to our clients, inclusive of Fit-Out management for retail and commercial facilities.

Scope of Services

Our needs-based model works through understanding our Clients’ facilities. Through a series of discussions and surveys we establish a cost-effective approach and submit a bespoke service to the client.

Facility surveying and establishing the parameters of the scope of work, we provide a cost-effective advantage.

  • Community Services
  • Community Welfare
  • Reactive services
  • Planned maintenance
  • Corrective Services
  • Small Works
  • Project Coordination
  • Fit out Coordination
  • FM Design Review

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