Al Hamra VIP Card

Enjoy being an Al Hamra Resident with amazing VIP Card offers.

The Al Hamra VIP Card offers a lot of perks and benefits to holders. It can be used across partner hotels, restaurants, retail stores and entertainment outlets within the neighborhood as well as the city of Ras Al Khaimah.

The partner network and offers are updated on frequent basis, so make sure to check back the list outlets regularly.

Al Hamra VIP Card FAQs

Q1. Where can I use Al Hamra VIP Card?
The Al Hamra VIP Card can be used to stay, dine and shop across all partner outlets mentioned in the brochures. Also, it can be used in salons and spas that are on Al Hamra VIP Card network.

Q2. How long is my Al Hamra VIP Card valid for?
The Al Hamra VIP Card is valid for one year until Dec 31st. You will need to renew your card at the beginning of every year.

Q3. How do I use my Al Hamra VIP Card?
Simply inform the outlet/retailer about your card and present it at the time of billing to avail discount.

Q4. Is there any PIN code associated with my Al Hamra VIP Card?
No, it’s simple to use. Simply present your card to the participating outlet to avail the discount. There’s no PIN Code associated with the VIP Card.

Q5. Can I avail multiple offers in the same store on Al Hamra VIP Card?
Al Hamra VIP Card discounts cannot be combined with any other ongoing offers in the stores.

Q6. Can I get cash in exchange of offers on Al Hamra VIP Card?
No, offers do not have any cash values.

Q7. What if I lose/misplace my Al Hamra VIP Card?
The card is the property of Al Hamra. However, if you lose or misplace it, you can apply for a replacement. The replacement for the lost card costs AED 500.

Q8. What is the process of renewing or replacing the lost card?
Simply call at 800 AL HAMRA to register your request.

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